Psychiatry Training

For Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

KetchMed provides comprehensive psychiatric training and on demand clinical consultation to nurse practitioners and physician assistants (advance practice clinicians). 


In the primary care setting, training and consultation for physicians is also available.

Primary Care

Take advantage of increased revenue and decreased health costs, while improving the health outcomes of your patients through having a trained psychiatric clinician on your staff.

Psychiatric Facilities

In this time of severe psychiatrist shortages, you can staff your open position with highly trained and cost effective advance practice clinicians, even when no other psychiatric prescribing level staff is available in your area.


We can train your existing prescribing level staff or find and train an advance practice clinician for you to hire.


Have you always been interested in psychiatry

but lack the training or experience? KetchMed has your answer. We provide clinical psychiatric training so you can obtain a position in psychiatry or provide psychiatric consultation in your current practice setting. 

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