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NPs and PAs

Have you always been interested in psychiatry or want to provide psychiatric consultation to your current practice setting? KetchMed has your answer.


If you are a licensed nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or primary care physician and you want to:


  • Receive comprehensive and practical clinical training in psychiatry by academic psychiatrists


  • Enhance your knowledge and skills in clinical psychiatry for your current position


KetchMed will:


  • Provide you with thorough and efficient clinical training, so you can confidently work as a psychiatric clinciian in your current medical organization.


  • Provide live on demand, on the job, clinical support for all of your psychiatric questions. You can text or phone any clinical question or scenario, any time, and receive prompt clinical input from our highly experienced clinicians. Regardless of your experience level, you never have to feel alone handling psychiatric clinical issues again.


Through our evidence based and efficient training regimen you will successfully obtain the clinical knowledge and skills needed to perform the psychiatric consultation role in your medical setting, even without prior work experience or education in psychiatry. We work with both experienced clinicians as well as those looking for their first experience working with psychiatric patients. We work with employers seeking trained psychiatric clinicians. So, if you already have the training and expertise in psychiatry or are looking to enter psychiatry for the first time, let us help you fill that role in your clinic or find the new job you want.

Our training course is designed to enable advance practice clinicians to appropriately manage the psychiatric conditions encountered in primary care and psychiatric practice, but is not equivalent to the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) training or national certification, and graduates of our training program are not eligible to sit for the AANP board certification as a PMHNP.

Train to become a psychiatric clinician

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