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Training the Advance Practice Staff You Need

The KetchMed Advantage

Comprehensive psychiatry training to post-graduate advance practice clinicians (licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants).

Our training programs are ideal for:

  • Integrated behavioral health and primary care setting

  • Primary care clinic desiring onsite clinical staff designated for managing psychiatric conditions.

Who Do We Train?
  • We can train advance practice staff in your medical organization or in the community for you to hire

  • We train family nurse practitioner, primary care physician assistants, and NP/PAs with psychiatry board certification

What Topics Are Covered?
  • Advanced Psychopharmacology

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Interviewing

  • Differential Diagnoses

  • Treatment Planning

  • Suicide and Violence Risk Assessment

  • Case by case analysis and training in your setting

How Quickly Can I Find Someone?
  • We can begin training your existing advance practice staff right away

  • Didactic training is online and typically lasts 4 weeks

  • Case by case clinical training typically lasts another 4-8 weeks, and can be accomplished at your location

If we are recruiting a new advanced practice clinician for you to hire, the speed of our recruitment depends on your location, pay rate, and job type. However, we have recruited and placed many clinicians in remote and difficult to recruit areas in a short amount of time.​

How Much Does It Cost?
  • Comprehensive training program is $7,500 per clinician

  • Ongoing supervision and psychiatric Q/A $1,300/month for 3 NP/PAs

  • If recruitment of new advance practice staff is needed, this service is free with the training program

Increased Medicare reimbursement for having a designated psychiatric consultant on staff is available.

Reduce overall healthcare costs by optimizing psychiatric treatment.

For employers, there are a wide variety of pricing plans available to fit any medical institution’s needs, no matter how large or small. Our training methods are more cost effective and almost always more comprehensive than if you were to have your own clinical staff attempt to provide the psychiatric training.

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