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Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration 

Our academic psychiatrists and experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners provide the following services:

Psychiatry consultation and training available for your advance practice and primary care physician staff.

KetchMed provides comprehensive psychiatric training and on demand consultation for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants (advance practice clinicians). We train clinical staff to manage common psychiatric scenarios in the primary care setting, such as:


  • SSRI treatment resistance

  • Stabilization and medication maintenance of individuals with serious mental disorders

  • Dementia and delirium with psychiatric symptoms or behaviors

  • Complex PTSD and Bereavement 

  • Risk assessment for harm to self or others

  • Psychiatric diagnosis clarification

Robust treatment of comorbid psychiatric conditions in the primary care setting has been repeatedly linked with improved medical outcomes, decreased medical costs and decreased liability.

Psychiatry Consultation

  • We provide live, on demand clinical support for all of your psychiatric questions. You can text or phone any clinical question or scenario, any time, and receive prompt clinical input from our highly experienced clinicians. No matter your experience level, you never have to feel alone handling psychiatric clinical issues again.

  • We can also provide ongoing weekly supervision of clinical cases and psychiatry training.

Psychiatry Training

KetchMed also provides comprehensive and intensive psychiatry training to licensed nurse practitioners, physician assistants and primary care physicians in your medical organization or in your community to hire.

If you have a prescribing level clinician who is interested in psychiatry or you are having difficulty finding an advanced practice clinician with the proper knowledge, training and experience in psychiatry to effectively work as a psychiatric consultant in your busy primary care practice, let us help. 
Increase Medicare Reimbursement
Psychiatric trained prescribing level staff also provide increased reimbursement potential through new 2017 Medicare Collaborative Care and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI). 
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