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Primary Care Psychiatry Training


We are a group of academic psychiatrists and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners dedicated to the distribution of evidence-based psychiatry knowledge and clinical skills throughout the medical and psychiatric community.


We have developed a comprehensive psychiatric training course for nurse practitioners and physician assistants (advance practice clinicians). Through our training, you can have a clinician on staff to manage common psychiatric scenarios in the primary care setting, such as:

  • SSRI treatment resistant depressive and anxiety disorders

  • Serious mental disorders (Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder) awaiting transfer into the county mental health system, but requiring interim treatment

  • Serious mental disorders of mild to moderate severity and stable in the outpatient setting

  • Dementia and delirium with psychiatric symptoms or behaviors

  • Complex PTSD and Bereavement reactions

  • Risk assessment for harm to self or others

  • Psychiatric diagnostic clarification

Robust treatment of comorbid psychiatric conditions in the primary care setting has been associated with:

  • Improved medical outcomes

  • Decreased medical costs

  • Decreased liability

Increase Medicare Reimbursement

Psychiatric trained prescribing level staff also provide increased reimbursement potential through new 2017 Medicare Collaborative Care and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI). Our training may be quickly paid off through Medicare’s increased billing codes for BHI services.

Train Your Staff Today

If you have a nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is interested in psychiatry, or you are having trouble finding an advanced practice clinician with the proper knowledge, training and experience in psychiatry to effectively work as a psychiatric consultant in your busy primary care practice, our academic psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioner training staff has your answer. In the primary care setting, we also provide this training for primary care physicians.

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